A collection of freely available OldSkool from around the net.

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[audio]11. Ikon - Doesn_t Have To Be (Vinylgroover Mix).mp32022-08-02 00:59 6.7M
[audio]10. DJ Unknown - Setting You Free (Remix).mp32022-08-02 00:59 6.8M
[audio]09. Supreme _ Ufo - Sun Always Shines.mp32022-08-02 00:59 8.3M
[audio]08. Triple J - Eternity.mp32022-08-02 00:59 11M
[audio]07. DJ Vibes - Sing It Loud.mp32022-08-02 00:59 10M
[audio]06. Happy Tunes - Nothing Is Forever.mp32022-08-02 00:59 6.2M
[audio]05. DJ Edy C - All You Need (Is An Angel).mp32022-08-02 00:59 6.5M
[audio]04. Midas - Groove Control (Dougal Mix).mp32022-08-02 00:59 7.8M
[audio]03. Slippery Project - Jump Around.mp32022-08-02 00:59 4.9M
[audio]02. Go Mental - Hold Me Now.mp32022-08-02 00:59 6.9M
[audio]01. DJ Vibes - Anything For You.mp32022-08-02 00:59 8.1M